Unzipped is just the best movie ever. To me, anyway. It celebrates my love of fashion and the brilliant, nutty, mercurial creative geniuses that populate it.

I wanted to make a cinematic documentary. As always with my work, it is fun, funny, ironic, and pulls at your heartstrings.

The feature film documentary premiered at The Sundance Film Festival and won the coveted Sundance Audience Award. We filmed in two formats: Super 8, which I love for its texture and raw energy, and Super 16, mostly in black and white. The finale fashion show was filmed in color.

We even gave supermodel Shalom Harlow a camera to film as she walked the catwalk. Her footage was superb and made it into the final cut.

For our Sundance deadline, we worked 24/7 for three days straight— it was the sound house’s longest continuous session ever. Grueling, but it was worth it!

Some of the models featured in Unzipped were still rising to fame, like Kate Moss and Amber Valetta. Others were at their height, Like Cindy Crawford and Carla Bruni. A star-studded group, including Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and many more. There will never be another moment like it. The film continues to be a milestone in film and the gold standard for fashion documentary. It is essentially a film about the creative process and the price we pay for pursuing our art.