What to do when you are flying first class with supermodels Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington and Amber Valetta? You try to look cool. And then then you start filming.

VH1 asked me to document Naomi’s trip to South Africa to do a charity fashion show with President Nelson Mandela to honor the death of her close friend, Gianni Versace.

You can’t even imagine. Full-on wack-a-doodle trip.

The ostrich egg, the diamond necklace, Naomi dabbing the perspiration from Nelson Mandela’s brow as his stunned aides looked on, (touching the president?!) as well as  some things I think I’ll remain tight lipped about.

I instantly realized why Naomi was, and still is, on top. She is so incredibly hard working. Every single day and night, she was pulling the fashion show together with her team.

Then, when it was all over, Naomi, Kate and I flew to Cuba. That’s when things really got wacky.

In this excerpt, I joined Naomi for a trip to a South African spa, where she got a salt scrub. I’ve never seen anybody scream like that at a spa before!