Andre Leon Talley

Farewell Andre. You will be missed.

Interviewing Andre Leon Talley for my upcoming film on Vogue Fashion Editor, Polly Mellen (After the show, Polly and Candy Pratts Price haggled over who would get the scalloped-hem pants). I asked Andre, “What do you ‘see’ at a fashion show? What are you thinking?” and showing excerpts from Marc Jacobs’s 1999 Spring Show. What is going through the heads of fashion editors? Andre remembers the show perfectly and deconstructs the looks and the vibe as only he can. Plus a shout out to fabulous Shalom Harlow. And of course he demanded to see his bestie, Naomi Campbell.

People like Andre and Polly elevate fashion, and this is what my film on Polly Mellen explores. A bygone era and lessons that these exceptional people can teach as we go forward. A wake up call for creatives everywhere.

Front row luminaries: Linda Wells, Bill Cunningham, Ricky Vider, Billy Norwich, Gabé Doppelt, Michael Roberts, Joe Zee, Camilla Nickerson, Hamish Bowles, Kate Betts, Paul Cavaco, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington.

“Shape, combinations of fabrics, texture and color. I’m looking for the sophistication and the refinement and the restraint and control of [Marc’s] point of view. And his point of view is a pale palette.”

“The shoes are flat; the hair is relaxed. The volume is very loose yet controlled. It’s a very sophisticated gray.”

Enter Shalom Harlow. We don’t know what was in her head, but we know Andre loves her.

“She was a great model. Superb, superb.”

“We’re looking for what is new.”

Audrey Marnay in the iconic scalloped skirt.

“This was very important in 1999. The scallop hem, that was very new with the drawstring waistline and a little poor boy’s T-shirt.”

Marc walks out; the show is done. End of clip.

“Where’s Naomi, find me Naomi.”

– From my upcoming film on the fashion legend Polly Mellen.