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Gap’s Intermix shoot was special because I filmed company president Jyothi Rao. A good delivery can sometimes be tough to get from “real people”, but Jyothi was spot on. She was perfection, and genuinely seemed to love putting looks together for the collection. I love putting people together, and it felt like everyone had a blast on this shoot. This is really what I love to bring to the screen: Joy. There’s no drama to report. (How is that possible?)
Hair stylist Gina Duckworth used a leaf blower on the hair, which is actually pretty common these days. The only problem is that it’s noisy, which can make getting clear sound.  Pick your battles, as I always say.
We shot at Jack Studio in Manhattan, but we even took the shoot to the streets. I love an impromptu guerrilla moment, there’s always something unexpected. New Yorkers love to put their two cents in, and that’s exactly what they did. Lots of cat-calls. Annoying, AND funny.